Dear Dave Winer: It’s Called Tumblr. Welcome!

Boris: You recently called Twitter ‘a new channel for sensational journalism’ and proposed Twitter look at that. What would you change to make the information that people spread more informational and less fleeting?
Dave Winer: That’s a really good question and it would be hard for twitter to turn that corner. If twitter wanted to be less about grunting and snorting they would have to give up on some of their sacred cows, like the 140-character limit. There are some ideas (many in fact) that cannot be expressed in such a tight space. I’ve been writing for a long time, so i know how to sharpen prose and reduce it. but some things just can’t be reduced to a soundbite. It has to become a medium where people who are good writers can express interesting, funny and new ideas, otherwise it’s just sensationalism: Someone died. Someone had sex with someone. Someone betrayed someone. All simple ideas.