In Which We Welcome Vanity Fair

I have a friend who maintains that a Tumblr’s theme provides a vital clue as to whether that particular blog is worth a follow. His reasoning is that if someone has taken the time to choose a nice theme, or tweak a theme to match their own needs, that’s a good indication that their Tumblr might also be well done. 

All of which came to mind this morning when I saw the new Vanity Fair Tumblr. I love the simplicity of this, a loose adaptation of Artur Kim’s Minimalist theme. I especially appreciate the way it uses old VF covers as the main branding on the page (reload to see different ones). Good things are sure to follow. Welcome!


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    VF on Tumblr! Yay.
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    In which Coatney judges us by our cover, and we’re flattered. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    thanks coat!
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    GO TEAM!
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    Why, hello there Vanity Fair.
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