Workman Says Things: For the first time in 3 years, I am honestly contemplating leaving Tumblr for good.

Interesting. I’d like to address this one in particular:

Whoever made the new “Explore” option has no concept of user interaction. Listing content genres by “Feedback” is NOT how a user thinks. Has anyone EVER said, I want to find something but I want to search for that genre in terms of popularity? I know it can be fixed. But simple things like that make me feel like Tumblr is a group of designers and no person with community building experience. 

because I think your interpretation is a misunderstanding of what the new Explore pages are. To use your formulation, has anyone ever said “I want to find blogs that write about the about news?” OK, some people, sure, but I submit the more common formulation is “Tell me the news.” Or “Show me cool fashion.” “Let me see amazing photography.” “Make me laugh.” 

Most Tumblr blogs, like most people, aren’t so easily categorized in the way you presume—we’re interested in sports, and robots, and shoes, and the Middle East. Tumblr blogs display a wide range, one that’s not so easily put into a particular box. What the new Explore/Curated tag pages are designed to do is to introduce people to the most interesting items. In this formulation, every Tumblr blog makes the case for someone to follow them on every post, rather than a simple “you should follow this blog because it’s listed in the ‘design’ directory.” 

The Explore page sorts by popularity because we think that’s a useful lens on this; we could just as easily sort by activity on a particular tag, or alphabetical order, for instance (which is how the old directory is sorted). I think it’s more useful to have a user ranking overlaid on this, because alphabetical ranking is pretty arbitrary (more people on Tumblr are interested in “Fashion” than “Advertising,” for instance, but you seem to be arguing that it’s better to list Advertising first simply because it begins with an ‘A’). 

Also, re "While I Am Bitching": There is absolutely an option to “Follow” a tag; it’s the big “Track this Tag” link at the top right of any tag page. Cheers, M


  1. secklerism answered: I like the Explorer concept. Some of us do go from the general to specific. Different ways of searching for posts aren’t mutually exclusive.
  2. jankhank answered: Don’t leave me Workman, don’t leave me =/
  3. lucianocs answered: oie alguem ai me ajuda eu fiz o meu hj
  4. patruby answered: This sounds a bit like what I’ve been thinking: Is there away to arrange the blogs you follow into different groups (like folders)?
  5. lachfronsgoed answered: Ron, this reads like an epitaph.
  6. rillawafers answered: tags on tumblr are the worst and search doesn’t index most text posts either
  7. btc-toneman answered: I’m fucked.
  8. rebeccalando answered: but are there any plans to refresh the ‘editors’ in a tag over time? or will it always just be the most popular blogs per tag? seems limiting
  9. wasabisunshine answered: Does tumblr have any community managers? Surely a content provider as prolific as yourself could get the attention of the tumblr staff.
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    But by not promoting actual blogs, and in fact completely ignoring the fact that different individual blogs exist is the...
  11. ilikebooksandfood answered: Has this person ever heard of Twitter… It seems to have plenty of users.
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    RE: the option to “Follow” a tag. In my opinion what is missing from this track a tag link is the option to have the tag...
  13. jdyeaton answered: RE: the option to “Follow” a tag. In my opinion what is missing from this track a tag link is the option to have the tag show up in the dash
  14. brianvan answered: OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD. Anyway, you’re a smart guy, you’ll figure it out ::cough::WORDPRESS::cough::
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    Interesting. I’d like to address this one in particular: because I think your interpretation is a misunderstanding of...
  19. diego-dgtl answered: Same thing here :/ Also, some of my friends hit me up on messeger and ask “dude! how does your page works? I don’t see the comment link”
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