San Ysidro, Calif., USA, 1979. Bridgetown, Barbados, 1983. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 1996. Istanbul Turkey, 2001. Gouyave, Grenada, 1979.


The vibrant photography of Alex Webb

It’s the one-year anniversary of Framework’s reFramed series, which highlights the perspective and work of top talents in the world of photography - and today’s subject is Magnum’s Alex Webb.

In a conversation with our own Barbara Davidson, Webb discussed his new book, “The Suffering of Light,” his tendency to photograph those on the outskirts of society and more:

Ultimately, I can’t fully explain why I have been drawn to borders and the edges of societies. Is it my fascination with uncertainty, tension, and complexity? Perhaps. That doesn’t, however, ultimately explain the obsession. After all, why should I be fascinated with such notions? What I do know is that I seem to come alive, photographically, in such places. The critic and photographer Max Kozloff once told me he thought I needed to be a little uncomfortable to photograph well.

I also wonder: If I fully understood my obsessions, perhaps they would cease to be obsessions?

See more of Webb’s work over at Framework.

Photos: Alex Webb, Magnum Photos

That first one is a movie I am dying to see. 



Competition: In this issue of Granta, Claire Shea brings us an image of a post-it note memorial in Peckham, Anthony Rush captures the mist lifting over a disused barracks in Omagh and here Justin Coombes takes us on a journey along Regents Canal, through the eyes of a kingfisher. What does…

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TOKYO-GA Meets NYPH 2012

TOKYO-GA envisions the future of Japan in the aftermath the 2011 disasters through a portfolio of 100 Japanese and international photographers working within the landscape of Tokyo. TOKYO-GA Meets NYPH 2012, is an exhibition featuring 26 photographers from the project, and is the first gallery presentation of this portfolio of creative solidarity.

A panel discussion between the founders, curators, and photographers of TOKYO-GA will take place Saturday, May 19, 2-4 p.m.

The show is open throughout NYPH 2012 (May 16-20), and the following three weeks, Wednesday - Friday, ending June 8.

111 Front Street, #216
DUMBO, Brooklyn

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