The community we built up on Tumblr was a special concentration of people who are smart, young, liberal, and - above all - nice,” Laura Olin, who managed the Obama campaign’s Tumblr, told POLITICO. “People on the campaign who weren’t familiar with Tumblr before we started one were always really surprised by how nice everyone on Tumblr was. Virtually no trolls.

For pols, Tumblr is trending - Kevin Cirilli -

Some nice bits from Laura and from our own Liba Rubenstein here. 

Also, this, by the way, is our new tagline: “Tumblr: Virtually no Trolls!”

If you look at the demographics of my voter base, a lot moved to Florida and Nevada for lower taxes,” said Senator Susan Wagle, the Republican Senate president who represents Wichita. “I’d like to see them come back.

Yes. Because I can tell you as a former Kansas resident that most everyone there spends January, when the temperature never gets above 8 degrees, thinking “I’d really love to stay here, but I’m going to have to move to Florida for the lower taxes.”
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anamariecox: #bidenatcostco VP Pool Report, Because It Really Happened


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Motorcade rolled from Costco at 10:12 am, w VP stopping to talk toreporters after wheeling a cart filled w among other things, childrens’ books, fire logs, a 32…

Honestly, covering the VP has to be one of the best gigs in journalism.

At about 800 people per square mile, people switch from voting primarily Republican to voting primarily Democratic. Put another way, below 800 people per square mile, there is a 66% chance that you voted Republican. Above 800 people per square mile, there is a 66% chance that you voted Democrat.

What Republicans Are Really Up Against: Population Density - Politics - The Atlantic Cities