Riverside sheriffs stand guard at Arlington and Brockton in Riverside as they search for Dorner. The amber alert system is used to inform motorists of a manhunt underway for a former Los Angeles officer. Command post on Magnolia overpass over 15 freeway following the shooting of three police officers.


LAPD manhunt underway: Local, state and federal authorities are in the midst of a search for ex-Los Angeles police officer Christoper Jordan Dorner, who’s under wanted for his alleged connection to a double homicide and the shootings of three police officers.

Dorner, 33, threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police in an manifesto posted on his Facebook page. He also threatened more than two dozen people — including police officials — in his post.

Los Angeles and Torrance police have also been confirmed to have shot two individuals and fired upon another driving vehicles similar to the one Dorner is suspected to be using.

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(Photo via Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times, Nick Ut / Associated Press)